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[Download] Crooked Kingdom Epub By Leigh Bardugo | Fictional Fantasy

[Download] Crooked Kingdom Epub By Leigh Bardugo | Fictional Fantasy
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Crooked Kingdom is the fifth novel authored by novelist Leigh Bardugo. The novel is the second book in the six of crow’s novel series. The first part of the series was titled the titular six of crows. The novel has been very well-received and dubbed a successful second part to the enticing and heart racing storybook.

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Crooked Kingdom Epub Details And Reader’s Review:

The story picks up right from where it was left in the first part – with Kaz Brekker and his crew managing to escape a life-threatening scenario successfully. But little did they know that there was, even more, trauma, despair, and bundles of new horribly scary challenges that are waiting for them in the land of Ketterdam. The dark twists and turns are even a surprise of the characters of the book!

The book is the second part of the already celebrated Six of Crows Series. Hence, the novel was already much anticipated by the audiences as well as the critics. Interestingly the novel turned out to be just as pleasing and admirable as it was thought to be. The book is enticing, unpredictable and very gripping. The readers are most particularly all praises for the novel saying that once they begin reading the book – it is virtually very hard to put it down. The book also made it to the 100 best-selling novels list according to the New York Times.

About Author (Leigh Bardugo):

Leigh Bardugo is the number one best-seller author as of 2017. She is a young, talented aspiring writer who has found fame and success in her early works such as the Six of crows and shadow & bone trilogies. She has also recently authored the best-seller language of throne book series that came out in 2017 September. Leigh is a Jewish who was born in Jerusalem and has graduated with an honorary degree from the University of Yale.

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