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[Download] Tower of Dawn Epub – By Sarah J. Maas (Book#6 A Glass of Thrones)

[Download] Tower of Dawn Epub – By Sarah J. Maas (Book#6 A Glass of Thrones)
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Tower of Dawn is the 6th Installment in the bestselling Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas. Sarah came up with the idea behind Glass of Throne series from a fascinating twist on the Cinderella story where instead of being a maid, Cinderella is an assassin and rather than going to the ball to marry the prince, she goes to kill him. And so goes the tale.

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Tower of Dawn Epub

Tower of Dawn Epub – Novel Review And Details:

Tower of Dawn is the second last book in the series and takes place in the same time period as Empire of Storms. Tower of Dawn focuses on Chaol and Nesryn’s adventures as they go south after the shattering of the Glass castle and the loss of many of their men in the fight against the evil King. Their sole aim is to convince the Great Khagan to be on their side as an ally and provide the injured Chaol with the infamous healers of Torre Casme in hope of curing his hip down paralysis. As they progress, what they find out in Antica changes them both and proves to be very important for their greater mission.

Readers Review:

A complete book dedicated to one of the least loved characters of the series came as a surprise. After many groans, when one finally picks up Tower of Dawn, one is not disappointed. One of the many exciting factors was the fact that we finally got to visit the southern continent and the comeback of Yrene Tower from Assassin’s Blade. Tower of Dawn Epub though hard to pick is nonetheless a phenomenal piece of work with many plot twists and heart-wrenching moment. The characters go through tremendous growth in finding themselves.

I did feel like the book was extremely long (700 pages). It seemed to be dragging at the time while dumping a whole lot of information at others. This information could have been more evenly presented. But from second half onwards, things get pretty heated and keeps one fully engaged.

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