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Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill [Epub][PDF] | Business And Motivational

Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill [Epub][PDF] | Business And Motivational
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Think and Grow Rich is a personal development and self-improvement book by Napoleon Hill. This philosophical book was published by The Ralston Society in 1937. After its initial release, the book sold 20 million copies and till 2015, the book had sold over a 100 million copies.

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Think And Grow Rich Epub Plot And Review:

This book is based on Hill’s previous work, The Law of Success in which he talks about 20 individuals who became hugely successful and made massive fortunes. The book has 13 principles that one needs to follow to achieve success in life. Desire, faith, and special knowledge are a few of these principles. To be rich, you must be decisive and imaginative and have great planning skills. Furthermore, persistence must be your intrinsic quality and you must always be sure of where you want to go.

This book is extremely helpful and fulfilling for anyone who is focused on following the principles that are mentioned in this book. The book does not only tells you how to be rich. It also talks about how to improve one’s self and make your working attitude better. Although a few examples may be a little old and outdated, the book is still applicable in today’s age since it gives some very general and everlasting messages. The book has no-nonsense insight into how to improve yourself to further improve your quality of life and your business.

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About Author (Napoleon Hill):

Napoleon Hill was American author who was born in 1883. He became famous for his book Think and grows Rich Epub which was acclaimed as one of the top ten best-selling books of his time. He was an author, salesman, journalist and an educator. His other books include The Law of Success and Outwitting the Devil.


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