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The Power of Habit Epub By Charles Duhigg | Motivational Book | Review

The Power of Habit Epub By Charles Duhigg | Motivational Book | Review
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The Power of Habit is a book by a New York Reporter named Charles Duhigg. The book was published in 2012 by Random House and has achieved the honor of being a New York Times Best Selling book.  The book explores the scientific elements behind habit and reformation.

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The Power of Habit Epub

The Power of Habit Epub Details And Review:

The Power of Habit talks about Habit Loop which contains three elements. These are the cue, routine and reward. This loop explains how habits form. Firstly, there is a cue or stimulus that tells your bran to at a certain way. Then, a routine is formed since you bran responds to a certain thing in a set way. Finally, the reward is when your brain gets to decide if this habit is worth remembering. The Golden Rule is to follow the habits and loop that will help you remove any addiction of bad habits and make you adopt good habits. To ensure change, belief is an essential element.

Book Name: The Power of Habit Epub

Author: Charles Duhigg

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks

Pages: 371

Genre: Business, Motivational

Duhigg actually has a very sensible approach to the subject of habit. He explains everything pretty well. The best part if him giving examples to back his point. For example, he talks about Bill Wilson. The guy was an alcoholic before he found Jesus and formed Alcoholics Anonymous. After changing his habits by following the Golden Rule, he succeeded in getting rid of his addiction and also helped hundreds of other people. By following the rules in this book, you can help yourself and also induce good habits in others.

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About Author (Charles Duhigg):

Charles Duhigg is an American author and journalist. He has served as a reporter for New York Times and has written two books on productivity and habit. He graduated from Yale University and did his MBA from Harvard Business School of Harvard University. He even has a website to his name.

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