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The Maze Runner Epub By James Dashner | Science Fictional Novel

The Maze Runner Epub By James Dashner | Science Fictional Novel
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The maze runner is the first novel of a trilogy-novel series written by James Dashner. The novel was first released all around the world in 2009. The Maze Runner Epub was published by Delacorte Press (sister publication of the Random House Publications). The book has been adapted into a Hollywood movie, released in 2014 by 20th century Fox Entertainment.

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The Maze Runner epub

The Maze Runner Epub Plot And Details:

Thomas is an ordinary boy living a normal life until he wakes up one day to find himself in a closed elevator. Where does the take him? To Glade, a land that is owned and ruled over by two young boys. This is no surprise until he finds that in addition to humans, there are other many creepy creatures living in the maze as well. Thomas then discovers a maze in the midst of the land that is actually no ordinary maze but a puzzle that is walled with moving walls and boundaries. He eventually manages to create a team of Gladers who help him solve the puzzle of the maze.

The Maze Runner Epub became one of the best-selling novels in for 2009-2010. It was dubbed as the best Fantasy-Fiction novel for Children aged 13+ and above and adults as well. Critics praised the book for being realistic and feeling very connectable for the readers of all age groups. The readers were in delight with the maze runner novel and fell in love with the characters that were amazingly crafted by Dashner.

About Author (James Dashner):

James Dashner is a fiction book author. He was born in Georgia, United States on November 26. Aged 44, Dashner is best known for his work in the maze runner and its successive two other novels in the trilogy series. His other popular novels include The Journal of Curious Letters that was published in 2008, Gunner Skale (2014) and The Fever Code (2016).

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