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The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins [EPUB] | Mysterious Novel

The Girl On The Train By Paula Hawkins [EPUB] | Mysterious Novel
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The Girl on the Train, a psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins debuted as number 1 on the New York Times Fiction Bestsellers. This was back in the year 2015 and still, the book is reading its heights of success.

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The Girl On The Train Epub

The Girl On The Train Epub Plot And Review:

The book is the based on the first-person narrative, however, the number of narrators of the story are three women and with each women telling according to her narration, the views of the readers may differ.

The first narrator is Rachel who has become alcoholic after her husband Tom left. She is being left due to a woman named Anna who is the second narrator in the story who married to Tom. Megan is the third narrator in the story who helps Anna when she gives birth to a child and much happens from there.

When it becomes a compulsion to mention some of the top books on 21st century, you just cannot ignore masterpieces such as The Girl on the Train. For a novel coming from the genre of psychological thriller, it is usually difficult to debut at number one but in case of this book, this was not a problem at all.

The book scored a fair share of positive reviews scoring a rating of 3.9 on the Good Reads and mostly liked by the readers.

Author (Paula Hawkins):

Paula Hawkins, the author of this book is a British novelist most known for her psychological thriller novel with the title in discussion.

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