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[Download] Crazy Rich Asians Epub – By Kevin Kwan

[Download] Crazy Rich Asians Epub – By Kevin Kwan
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Crazy Rich Asians (The acclaimed international bestseller) is the debut novel of Kevin Kwan. Born in an affluent Singaporean family himself, Kwan was part of the life he so vividly describes and mocks before moving to the United States of America at age 11. Kwan has presented this world brilliantly with a heartening love story at its center.

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crazy rich asians epub

Crazy Rich Asians Epub – Novel Details And Review:

Crazy Rich Asians follow Rachel, an American Chinese, into the spiraling world of the elites of Singapore when her boyfriend Nick decides to takes her to a family wedding there over the summers. Oblivious to the wealth and fortune her boyfriend comes from, Rachel is in for a ride in a world where saris are sent to India to get dry cleaned, private jets have their own swimming pools, and wardrobes are climate control to cater to their occupant’s needs. To top it all off, humble Rachel isn’t exactly wanted by the inhabitants of upper-class Singapore. The book goes back and forth between different characters but mainly revolves around Rachel’s journey as she deals with this new shocking chapter of her life.

Reader Review:

It’s safe to say Crazy Rich Asians Epub is one of its kind, exploring a different side of the Asian culture. Apart from its extravaganza, the book subtly touches on snippets of the Singaporean and Chinese culture, via slangs from the native languages and throwing in a little bit of the traditional aspect to certain things. Though the author tries to kill off stereotypes associated with the Asians, he certainly will create new ones.

Written as a satirical novel, the book also fits perfectly in the domain of “chick lit” with its dashing rich hero to the naïve, ordinary but gorgeous Rachel. It’s an overall light read for those who enjoy the likes of Gossip Girl with drama, extravaganza, money and a pint of the snobbery of the rich, but in a different setting than usual.

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