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[Download] Clockwork Angel Epub By Cassandra Clare | EpubEbooks

[Download] Clockwork Angel Epub By Cassandra Clare | EpubEbooks
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Written by Cassandra Clare, the novel was published worldwide in August of 2010. Clockwork Angel was published by Walker books and is part of the very popular infernal devices series. The book was initially planned to be released in only the United States but ended up releasing worldwide in audio, e-book and hard copy versions.

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Clockwork Angel Epub

Clockwork Angel Epub Plot And Review:

The story of clockwork angel revolves around the story of Tessa Gray. A sixteen-year girl living a life in New York City travels across the seas and oceans in search of her brother. She is going to London. It is the era of the Victorian rule. However, little does she know that dark powers of vampires and other supernatural creatures await her on the destination! She is kidnapped by witches but it is only during her lonesome and helpless days while being kidnapped that she finds out she is a Downworlder too! She has the unique super powers to turn into anyone and anything on will. This is the power of shape lifting and this is exactly what she will be doing now to search for her brother.

The book was universally accepted by the audiences for being captivating and engaging. However, it only worked particularly well within a certain category of readers. In 2011, the book managed to win the number 1 spot on the YALSA teen best-selling ranking. It was voted the best in general by the readers and critics alike.

About Author (Cassandra Clare):

Cassandra Clare is the pen name of Judith Lewis. Born on July 27, 1973 – Cassandra is an Adult Fiction Novel and many feathers in her writing hat for this genre. She was born in Tehran, Iran but is American national as both her parents were Americans. Her best seller series till date is The Mortal Instruments.

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